YouTube Channels to follow on 2020

Hi all! welcome back, today i like to showcase few Youtube channels as a developer. Youtube channels helps us to learn new stuff. The below channels has basic to advance tutorials on different programming languages. Those who like to learn new stuff subscribe them and enjoy free youtube videos. Let us see the channels below:

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja joined from 2015 but providing videos on different programming languages. If you check out the videos tab in the channel, videos available in a series format, which makes the user to learn from start to end. They all looks like a premium courses check out the channel and use the videos.

Dev Ed

Dev Ed personally i like to watch this channel he provide some really funny videos and frontend stuff. He also recently launched a course on learn HTML5 and CSS3 for beginners. Don’t forget to watch out the videos tab from the channel and learn some good stuff.

Traversy Media

Traversy Media provides the best online tutorials on latest web technologies. The channel available from 2012 one of the best channel to learn coding. If you checkout the playlists tab this channel has 55 crash course for different programming languages.


Freecodecamp is a online learning platform but they are also in Youtube. They contain videos on any language and framework. Just go to their channel and using search find a framework you interested and learn. Also scroll through their tutorials from different developers from their online platform.

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