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Hey Guys, the pandemic situation across the globe offers some free online resources to upskill your career. Learning anywhere online made possible due to the advancement in the internet and mobile devices. Even though some resources are available free already but after this pandemic, they came into the limelight bigger. In this post, we going to see such resources.

Digital Marketing from Google

In this course, you can able to learn the fundamental of Digital Marketing to help your business grow, and also if you like to make a career in this field.

Google trainers created these 26 modules to master you on the basics of digital marketing further later you can also test your knowledge with a quick quiz. You need to pass the final 40-question and get certified from Google for free.

Learning through Apps from Google

Google Primer and Grasshopper are apps from Google help you to improve your skills in the niche which you like to upskill your career.

Google primer the most useful apps by Google on learning business, and marketing stuff. The information is given in short posts and sentences with different cards so that it’s easy to understand parts of topics with higher engagement.

Grasshopper helps you to learn coding in a fun and quick game format on your mobile with writing real JavaScript. The level of challenge may vary from beginner to expert format on different stages of the apps.

Harvard University online courses

Are you like to learn about Art & Design, Business and programming?

Harvard University provides you with courses on the above topics in his Edx platform.

First, you can audit the course. Learning about a topic is free in this platform.

Second, after completion, if you need the certificate pay for it. They also providing financial assistance for some courses.

The above online resources help you to learn about topics on your niche, but until you implement in a practical way you can’t able to learn new things in your career.

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