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Interested in learning code or already having some coding experience. But you worried about carrying a laptop or pc. But nowadays numerous coding apps available for both Android and iOS devices. So you can easily level up your coding skills during your free hours. Also some apps are becoming more interactive to the user.

In this post, we’ve some best coding apps that will help you learn code.


Grasshopper with a rating of 4.7 on Google Play. This app will teach you coding with fun, quick games on your phone to write real JavaScript. This is a free IOS and Android app help you to develop your problem-solving skills. They also provide real-time feedback that helps you to collect achievement as you progress through your learning paths.


Sololearn you would have heared about this app before. This app has some good collection of content from beginner to pro. Since they offer a number of different courses in programming languages. As you progress there are different quizzes and activities in the app to build your profile. The app offers free trial but if you can afford they also provide paid monthly and yearly plans for full content access.

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