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Whether you want to learn new skills in 2020? but you don’t have enough time to attend a bootcamp or institute to learn such skills. Don’t worry nowadays there are many online education platform available to solve this problem. You can learn in your free hours or spending 2 to 3 hours in a day helps you to learn new skills. Let us see below such digital education platforms.


FutureLearn helps you to learn online with millions of people from around the world. You can also interact with educators from top universities who will share their experience through the videos present in this platform.

The courses are grouped by subjects. You can also enroll in short courses to learn new skills with a online course. They tied up with universities and also offer microcredentials and programs, online degrees.

Browse through the website you can find free online courses for different topics and subjects. To unlock the test you need to either upgrade the course or buy unlimited.


Kadenze a digital online platform partnered with top universities to provide best online courses from different fields. There are more than 200 courses where you can learn from science, technology to machine learning.

They offers two packages to learn on their websites. On free tier you can watch the videos and build a portfolio to show case your work, you can also participate in forum discussions.

In Premium tier you can submit assignments, receive grades and earn a certificates that you can share to your social media or resume.

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