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I am venkat from chennai, who missed the enrollment in DigitalDeepak Internship Program [Batch 1]  but got enrolled in Batch 2. This is the program where you can learn/earn from it. Ok!! What made me to enroll in this batch. The words – earn what you invest in the program i believe that should be the mindset of a marketer. A person who learn in the program needs to do assignments and understand the concepts so he/she teach it in simple way to others.

Let us dive into the topics learnt in this session. First, we need to understand the basic of marketing fundamentals. Deepak! what marketing fundamental deals with Digital Marketing? He pitched the answer.

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Marketing has been there for very long time.
  • Digital marketing brought in technology which made it scaleable.
  • First, you need to be a marketer to become a good digital marketer
  • Marketing is:
    • Understanding the human sociology
    • how to communicate
    • how to sell

We going to discuss about the above points in an elaborate way. Since technology medium will be always changing but how you solve the needs in the market plays a vital role. So, Human sociology through building networks help to sort such needs.

Build network

Apart from getting the learning and content we want to build network and communicate each other. so we have the commitment to learn. Even in the intership every class will have theory and partical part. So building a network will help to reach our goals as a group.


What are the goals for this program?

A person with goal and plan beat even the intelligent person without goal and plan

– Warren Buffett

Everyone got into this program with a goal to learn about digital marketing. But there are many outer layers before we reach that goal and they are improving our communication skill, sales skills and what we want to do with this goal to find the gold.

Finding the gold

Gold is always there. There are infinite number of niches available around us. Niche should be a combination of passion, talent and market opportunity. we need to enjoy doing it.

Small Niches helps the expanding market provides the business to drive solution to the needs. Since people remember the number one rather than the second in many different fields. Enjoy your niche and become number one in your niche on any global economy. Let us see about few points on economy.

Global Economy

Economy goes up when the average age of the country goes up. So people spend more. The average age of india is 27 to 28. The Bulb on moment when got the information on debt during the economy session. People will always pay for value and communication.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will not die because marketing will not die. World is also moving towards digital since consumer behavior is changing. Integrated digital marketing a better way to do marketing.

Content is king if we have great content, is what attracts visitors. The key part of SEO is the content, because search engines cannot see pictures. The content helps to get the visitor data which helps the email marketing. This process of marketing helps to find the market demand using the analytics tools.

Marketing Demand

Marketing demand helps to choose the niche based on the market opportunity. There are different tools available to check the market demand few listed below:

  • Google auto suggest
  • Answer the public

Knowing the market demand helps to build the brand on our niche.

Build your personal brand

The best known will always beat the best

Be unique to build your personal brand. Come out from the fear of judgement. People around you put opinion. Be-confident do not hesitate to put the content. publish videos, write content and do public speaking which helps to build your brand.

Lizard brain not equal to logical/creative brain

What Funnel Works?

  • Build trust through the funnels.
  • Building the brand ambassadors helps to spread the word through the internet.
  • Like the first batch interns helping the second batch interns in groups and completing assignments.
  • The testimonials from the batch 1 interns helped the batch 2 interns to enroll into this program.

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