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Hi all welcome back to our new post about learn to code. Coding help you to develop new apps, websites and even get a new job. It is nothing but learning programming languages. There are plenty of free online resources to learn code. But picking a learning path is difficult. Still can’t decide on your starter programming language? let us discuss with that using a free online resource.

HTML and CSS are the basic building block of a website. Javascript helps to provide more interaction to the website. In specific words, HTML define the content of web pages. CSS specify the layout of web pages. JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages.


General Assembly has launched a online website that teaches basic web development for free. It’s called Dash, and it lets you to learn how to use HTML, CSS and Javascript by working through five projects of increasing difficulty. The projects are building a personal website, a blog theme, business website, CSS robot and building a game.

Signin to the general assembly for free. You need to complete each steps to move from one project to another. Use this website on desktop so you can get best user experience.

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