How to Make a Website

How many of you like to create a wordpress site or how to make a website?

Are you fade up on getting the right course or not searched the youtube to find courses to learn about domain or hosting?

I like to list out few youtube channels where you can easily learn to build a website.

Example on where to get a domain, selecting a hosting and building the site by using right theme.

Are you excited to see the videos where you can learn such stuff!!! cheers

Finding a domain name

Are you in a dilemma to search a good domain name?

Domain name is the one like a name to you. Everyone refer you using the domain name. Hence chossing or finding a good domain name for your website plays a vital role.

Find A Good Domain Name for Your Website

Where to buy a domain name?

Selected a domain name now do a drill on where to buy a domain name for your niche.

7 Options Compared to buy a domain name (2020)

Selecting a hosting

Hosting plays a key role in the speed of a website load. Comparison of hosting before selecting one is a good step moving forward.

Honest comparison of wordpress web hosting

Building a wordpress website

Create a wordpress site, choosing the right theme are the key elements. Let see where you can learn it from scratch.

Digital Deepak

Website Learners


I created my blog Digitalvenka using the above youtube channels they helped me a lot. So please check each videos and hosting website before creating a website.

If you need any assistance please contact me in Facebook. I will try to assist you.


I recently came across this youtube channel by Hosting On Google Cloud Platform. Please check is this working for you.


I have a affiliate link on Namecheap if you like to make a purchase on it.

Why Namecheap? Using it in one of my website for the past 5 months and no complaints from my end and approachable customer support during my password change and other issues.

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