How to install plugins in wordpress

Plugins plays a dominant role in wordpress. Let us see how to install plugins in wordpress manually. There are different plugins available free in wordpress, where you can apply on the go to your websites.

What are the uses of plugins?

Are you like to secure your website?

Finding ways to rank your website in GOOGLE through SEO?

Not sure where to insert the codes in your website?

Removing cache to increase your site speed?

Don’t know where to take backups of your website when someone hacks you or went wrong during any update?

You can perform all above functions by installing plugins in your websites. Even more can be done. I like to highlights few plugins which help you to improve your site performance.

How to install plugins?

Plugins can be installed from the admin panel also know as wordpress dashboard. Mouse over the plugin tab on the dashboard you can see currently installed plugins, add new and other functionalities. Also, you can see the settings of the installed plugins from the settings tab.

Really simple SSL

Really Simple SSL plugin used for handling simple redirects with very little effort on your website. It fix your website from http to https if any redirect fails.It also has a paid version. Activate it and go to the setting panel and make the changes you needed for your website. For detail video about really simple SSL, please check the below link.

SERT Media – WordPress Tutorials

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO one of the popular SEO plugin which works good on creating XML sitemap automatically so we can add the sitemap to WordPress also in the Google search console. This plugin helps to update your sitemap automatically when you create a new page or post. For detail video about Yoast SEO, please check the below link.


Google Site Kit

One of the most multi-functional plugin we used so far is Google Site Kit. Yes, from the name you would have easily guessed a plugin from Google. It is a one-stop solution of Google tools to make the site successful on the web from quick dashboard, Search console, Adsense, Analytics and settings for the plugin. For detail video about Google Site Kit, please check the below link.

Insert Headers and footers

From the name of the plugin you would have know that this plugin helps to insert code on headers and footers of your website. Please check the below link for detail video about insert headers and footers.



There are few more plugins which helps you to perform different activities in your website. Let us see such plugins in the next post. Thanks for your presence. Please share to your friends.

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