How to install plugin in wordpress – part 2

You have seen about few useful plugins in part 1 of how to install plugin in wordpress. Here, you can see few more plugins which helps your website from SEO to backup. Before activating any plugin check whether it is a updated version of your wordpress and its usage count in other websites.

Rank Math

You would have seen about Yoast SEO to update the sitemap of your website and for SEO purpose. Rank Math an another SEO plugin which getting popular nowadays. It is easy to move from Yoast SEO to Rank Math manually. Rank Math improve your SEO and attract more traffic to your website. Check out the below link to learn about Rank Math.

Note: You need to activate only one SEO plugin in your website since it may affect your seo score on Google. All in one seo is also an other popular SEO plugin.

WP Fastest Cache

Cache system will help the users reach to static html page not to render page again and again. WP Fastest cache plugins help improve your page load time also the SEO ranking in Google’s search ranking algorithm. Check out the below link to learn about WP Fastest Cache.

SERT Media – WordPress Tutorials


To optimize your images Smush plugin compress your images without a visible drop in quality. You can also able to compress image in using Tinypng but this plugin cuts all the unnecessary data and scales it for you before adding it to your media library in wordpress. Learn about Smush in below link.

SERT Media – WordPress Tutorials


Mashshare plugin helps you to share your content through social media sites on the go once the user like to share the valuable content. It adds the buttons for social networks like Twitter, Facebook and other once you activated the plugins and share the links in the settings. Learn more from the below link.

SERT Media – WordPress Tutorials

Wordfence Security

Security plays a vital role in your wordpress website. Since hackers can easily destroy your content when you are not properly secured. Wordfence Security is one of the popular plugin for security in wordpress. It will send periodic emails to you regarding the security of any plugin you installed and keep your content away from hackers. Learn more about Wordfence Security from the below link.

Darrel Wilson

Updraft Plus

Backup your website. You can’t predict what happens to your website when an latest update on wordpress or someone hacked your website. You can’t only rely on the support of hosting provider. Updraft Plus plugin helps you to keep backup of your website in your google drive. You can select specific days or weeks to make automatic backup using this plugin. Check out the below link to learn about Updraft Plus.

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There are even more plugins where you can test through your website. They are free and premium version of plugins, activate them and check before the numbers of users using such plugins in their websites and they updated regularly which helps your website performance.

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