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How many of you viewed ads on your social media accounts regarding online courses and webinars?

Especially courses on learning digital marketing mastery or free online webinars plus sales pitch in each webinar?

So, how many of you completed 50 percent of these courses bought online? Even only a few have opened the courses and implement them in a practical way.

Also recently, various businesses working on their online presence which eventually increases the need of Digital Marketers after the pandemic situation.

Learning a new skill becomes a need in each part of your career. Rather than investing in the courses, learning through youtube can even make you safe money and become confident and test you in a particular field.

Here are some youtube channels on Digital Marketing to subscribe and learn towards your journey. These are not in any particular order.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel if you are in Marketing you would have crossed this name in your career. He created videos on all things of marketing. Go to the playlist of his channel and scroll through to your interest and learn from the bunch of resources free.

Measure School

Measure school teaches you on the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on the data-driven way of these fields. These tools help you to improve your tracking abilities and the way you looking at your data. Go to the playlist and learn about these resources free.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak many would have received his email on your inbox. You can able to learn about digital marketing from scratch and now he posting videos regularly in his channel. Go to the playlist and learn about the High traffic blog where you can learn about the creation of the blog and other processes from scratch.

Jason Whaling

Jason Whaling one of my favorite YouTuber where you can able to turn your passion or skill into a full-time business. He posts videos on weekdays on the latest digital marketing strategies where you can able to leverage your skill. Go to the playlist and learn about marketing software reviews.

Loves Data

Loves data a recent addition to this list where you can learn about Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Data Studio, and Google Tag Manager. Go to the playlist and learn about the above tools and get the most out of your data.

Mohit Rathi

Mohit Rathi a bonus in this list where you can able to learn digital marketing who has a mission to train 60k by 2020. Go to the playlist and learn about beginner to advance WordPress, SEO, and Email Marketing.

You can also watch the above list on our youtube channel digitalvenka videos. Watch these youtube channels and learn about digital marketing.

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