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Do you know about CMS? And choosing right type of CMS help to improve your time and business for building a blog or website.

CMS(Content Management System) as the name indicates it helps to manage the content on your website. You can able to manage the code and visuals of your site, save your time and money and it’s safer than editing the code directly. 50-60% of professionals and business using CMS to support their website and content creation.

At present there are many CMS software available to you but let us consider 3 popular in the current industry.


WordPress is simple and easy to use with powerful features for growth and content creation. It is an open source tool available online. It’s original purpose is blogging but later evolved in other types of web content. It is one of the popular content management system over 30% of websites were build using this. Each features and functionality of a website can be extended using worpress plugins from security to SEO.


Drupal is an amazing tool for creating websites and applications. It is a flexible CMS based on the lamp stack (ie Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP) but the modular design allowing features will be added by installing new modules. You will be able to build many web applications with minimal or zero programming. It helps you to create multiple websites with a single code. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP helps you in building drupal websites.


Joomla another popular CMS around the world some of the best websites run on Joomla. If your niche is made to rock on the social media stage, then Joomla is what you should build the content. It is considered as the fourth most used in the CMS category after the wordpress and Drupal. It contains various category of extensions to improve the content on the website.

The above three popular CMS are open source and available for free. In this wordpress is easy to use for beginner for creating a website and blog using in-built themes and plugins. Even though the CMS are free you need a domain name and web hosting.

A domain name is what people type in any search for your website online. It’s your website’s address on the internet. eg:

Web hosting is where your website live. Every website needs web hosting and Cpanel to install the content management system.

Namecheap one of the popular domain registrar offers a wide variety of domains and hosting plans that are secure, reliable and high-performing.

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