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I enrolled in the DigitalDeepak internship program which helps me to take action on assignments rather than just viewing the videos. The second step on the internship is finding the customer avatar. I created a blog from December 2019 and selected a niche..

But, Why i need to select a niche and to write blog posts?

Before answering the question first let us recall what learned till now in the internship and move on to session two.

The topics learned in the session one are:

  • Marketing in Digital Marketing
  • Importance of communication
  • Economics around debt
  • Finding the niche
  • Building personal brand
  • Knowledge about funnel

In session two, Deepak came live from the political capital with Kulwant using average network speed but with lot of information. Started the webinar praising the batch 2 commitment towards very high assignment completion rate! come on guys.

He also explained the positive pressure which helps to complete the assignment with the help of Facebook group.

Warning! Assignments will get tougher as we move on, but we can earn more in other side.

Digital Deepak

Take a look at the video from Digital Deepak in order to select your niche which is a combination of passion, talent, market opportunity.


Passion means you interested in doing something. When you learn, do and teach something you understand things in a better way. This directly helps others to gain your knowledge and enhance your talent.


Everyone start from the zero. Making mistakes helps you in the long run. The value of which is yet to be realized. Show your talent out to the world learn from your mistakes.

Even Warren Buffet in his initial stage buy three shares of Cities Service at $38 after buying the stock it fell to just over $27 per share. Warren held his shares until $40. He sold them by mistake. The share went up to $200. The experience taught him one of the basic lessons of investing: Patience is a virtue.

When you create the first blog, you should push yourselves out of the comfort zone as many appreciate the post you will get inner confidence. If Buffet can do from that stage to billionaire anyone can.

Marketing opportunity

Marketing is just about good conversations. If you want to be better at marketing you should be better at conversation.

Hence, if you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse well 1:many.

So how to find that one person?

Being Authentic

People are tired of fake people with social personas. Everyone is attracted to some one real.

Deepak kanakaraju

Be authentic to become a better marketer. Tell frankly if you believe in something even so many would go out and provide fake comments on you but you needs to be real and stick to it. Now-a-days you could have seen some films becoming hit due to words of mouth. People trusting his friends or experienced viewers whether to go for a film or not. People with more life experiences are better marketers.

Never been afraid of being judged. People always going to judge you anyway. You need to first think that you are awesome and be confident then eventually people think you are awesome.

Learn new languages. Do new things all the time. Try to find that one person who you going to write since it is very important. If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience. You need to find the target audience. You should not start the new conversation you should join the conversation which the customer already having in the mind.

My Customer Avatar

Digitalvenka niche is Technology and Online resources.

My Ideal customer is Chitti, a male aged between 24-35 years old.

He like to learn and update his skill using search engine or free online resources. Enhancing his career through online resources helps him to stand out in the crowd during appraisal and future openings in his current company.

My take away from the survey: He normally check emails 15 times using the cell phone during a typical day so i like to target my posts using email subscription.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the social networking sites he currently use which helped me where to share my posts in the Social media platforms.


Assignment two helps me to create survey online, understand my customer avatar in pictorial representation. Thanks to those people who filled out my survey. Survey helped to find out my customer avatar, where they hangout in social media and how they refer friends, coworkers to my website.

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