Best Portfolios of 2019

Every designer or developer needs to showcase their work to the world. Portfolio plays a key role in expressing the skill and their ability using different platforms from WordPress to Photoshop or WIX to Adobe XD. There are many mixture of portfolios from usage of different color, experimental, fonts and creating exceptional UI/UX . Below are such portfolios and favorites which came across recently.


Evoxlab when you came across this website the UI looks different and the placement of logo, menus and social media links at different location make you to interact with this website. It feels like a slideshow. Interact with the website and scroll across the pages to view the usage of colors and other elements.

Revolve Studio

Revolvestudio another site from 2019 which you can easily relate to it because the homepage has inspiration, simplicity, creativity scrolling on the frontend. When you scroll across the about section they not showcased most of their works but being simple in their design and layout. You can also play background music round the corner of the website.


Angle2 a different layout by usage of fonts, colors and the UI make the user interact with this website. You can play around the site and check the usage of elements and variety of designs from the angels and skew of the typography.

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